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I don't much care for talking about myself. Same goes for writing, I suppose. Strange for a narcissist. Anyway. Shall we begin?


Not sure when the singing started. I would just sing along to songs I liked since I was a small young person. I only started to pay any attention to it in 2005. I started playing guitar three times. In 2006, I decided to actually start practicing. In order to learn a Jason mraz song. I started writing "songs" in 2006. They were bad. Still, I kept writing and joined a band called Trees Have Cars in 2007. We were bad. We were kids. We played a few gigs, and I was hooked. The band went through a few iterations and eventually fizzled out in 2011. I started writing more and recorded some demos. I started going to open mics and playing solo shows. Eventually, there were a number of songs that I thought weren't terrible. Given this newfound confidence, they were put onto a compacted discus in 2014. Shortly after that, I started a band called The Darkest Timeline. Well, the idea for a band. It didn't come to fruition until the cosmos brought Zach Parkman into the fold. I kept writing. We played a bunch of shows. We recorded an EP. There was a coup in the government. We went on a couple tours. Zach moved to NYC. I recorded another solo album in 2018., here we are. Just you and me. You, reading this clunky biography. Me, standing behind you.

Just kidding!

I'm under your bed.


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